Pride and Prejudice by Hotbuckle Productions

13th June 2024 8pm

In this fast -paced, multi-role playing adaptation, Hotbuckle invites us to enter the world of The Bennets. From the headstrong Elizabeth Bennet to the proud Mr Darcy, Hotbuckle’s rich characterisations abound in this latest adaptation by skilled writer Adrian Preater. Full of humour and invention, this is story-telling at its finest, as we meet five sisters who deal with marriage, morality and misconceptions in unique Hotbuckle style. This is Jane Austen as you’ve never experienced her before, so, Hotbuckle up, for the carriage ride of your life!

Cruinniú na nÓg

A day of free creativity for children and young people

Ireland is the first, and only, country in the world to have a national day of free creativity for children and young people under 18. 

Cruinniú na nÓg is a flagship initiative of the Creative Ireland Programme’s Creative Youth Plan to enable the creative potential of children and young people. The inaugural Cruinniú na nÓg took place on 23rd June 2018 and for the past number of years, including under exceptional circumstances in 2020, young people and families have come together to enjoy, a wide range of creative activities including workshops and tutorials to recitals and readings in every city, town and village across the country. Delivered in partnership with the 31 Local Authorities and supported by RTÉ, you are invited to participate in a programme of fun, free, creative activities; from graffiti art workshops to stop-motion animation, to coding and architecture workshops!

Here at Friars’ Gate we have 3 FREE screenings. The first screening, at 12.15pm is a short film by 4th class from Scoil Mocheallog. This is followed by ParaNorman. Finally we will show Puffin Rock in Ukrainian with English subtitles

Suitable for ages 8+ as Substitute Teacher and ParaNorman might be a bit scary for younger children

Kids must be accompanied by an Adult

How to Get Menopause & Enjoy It

6th September 2024 8pm

Anne Gildea’s hilarious hit show continues to wow audiences into 2024 and returns to Friars Gate

Theatre this September 6th. Come along and find out what all the fuss is about!

Anne not only creates a night of outrageous laughter, but you just might learn a thing or three, as

she brings her keen comedic skills to a topic that affects 51% of us yet is still treated like a mystery.

What is it? Why does it happen? Is the moustache inevitable? And what superpowers come with this unavoidable phase of lady life?

Anne answers all these questions and more, as she brings TMI to a whole new level.

And remember, the menopause is an inclusive condition, you don’t have to get it to suffer from it.

So, get them fellas along for a night of laughs and more laughs.

“Never has the female body been put under such an hilarious microscope. Utterly punk … this

funny and taboo-busting work blasts the lid right off."

The Irish Independent

What Audiences Are Saying

“The funniest, most honest and real show I’ve ever been to.”

“I enjoyed it so much I went a second time and brought the husband.

He had tears streaming down his face with laughter. “

“Absolutely LOVED the show!! Cried laughing, still thinking about it “

Seán Keane

The Distinctive Voice of Ireland

15th September 8pm

‘Seán Keane is a touchstone of great singing tradition. He is the past, the present and the future.” The late Shay Healy, songwriter, broadcaster and journalist.

Seán Keane is from the small village of Caherlistrane near Tuam, Co. Galway.
Growing up there, he was steeped in music and tradition as part of the legendary Keane family of singers and musicians. Seán has taken these roots to new places with his unique and penetrating voice & his captivating talent as multi-instrumentalist. He along with his band, comprised of the wonderfully talented Fergus Feely and Shane MacGowan have toured with sell out success all over Ireland & Europe and the USA.
As well as the great vocal & musical talent, any show with Seán Keane is one of
warmth, intimacy and a touch of humour.

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Coldplace – The World’s Leading Tribute to Coldplay

Coldplace – The World’s Leading Tribute to Coldplay is a stunning live concert performance, celebrating the music of one of the most successful bands of all time.

The only tribute to have worked for Coldplay, this outstanding band leads youthrough all your favourite Coldplay hits from the last 20+ years including Yellow, Paradise and A Sky full of Stars, right through to Higher Power and My Universe from their latest album, Music of the Spheres.

This world class show faithfully recreates the magic of Coldplay’s record breaking live tours – featuring lasers, confetti, video screen and the Xyloband LED wristbands that have become synonymous with Coldplay concerts, and truly make the audience part of the show.

Youtube trailer video: https://youtube/TIla07z108s

“Coldplace are pure quality. Thanks for flying the Coldplay flag” – Phil Harvey(Coldplay creative director)

Pakie O’Callaghan-Celebrating Eamon Kelly’s Stories

Pakie O’Callaghan’s “A celebration of the stories of Eamon Kelly” developed out of an RTE radio programme that went out in the autumn of 2022 to mark international story telling day. Pakie was invited to tell a couple of stories on the programme and as a lifelong admirer of Kelly he opted to tell two of the master storytellers’ stories. He was subsequently invited to do a full length show based on Kelly’s stories and “a celebration of the stories of Eamon Kelly” is the result.

Eamon Kelly has been one of O’Callaghan’s theatrical heroes since O’Callaghan’s teenage years and he fondly remembers listening with his father to Kelly on Dinjo’s “Take the floor” which went out for many years on Sunday nights on Radio Eireann and later on to Kelly’s own programme “The Rambling House”.  O’Callaghan remembers being transfixed by Kellys performances in his one man shows “In my Fathers Time”, “Bless me Father” and “Stonemad” which were performed to packed houses at The Everyman Theatre and which won widespread acclaim both in Ireland and internationally.

A celebration of the stories of Eamon Kelly  will be a trip down memory lane for many but O’Callaghan is hoping to also develop a new audience for these stories which he describes as universal and timeless and always very, very funny.

In the show O’Callaghan does not seek to mimic Eamon Kelly and while staying true to the wonderful writing “A celebration of the stories of Eamon Kelly” is O’Callaghan’s own interpretation of the work of Ireland’s greatest storyteller .

The show is directed by Marion Wyatt, who is remembered for bringing us “Sunbeam Girls”, “Dockers”, “Katty Barry, Queen if the Coal Quay” and is currently working on celebrating another great Cork institution “Echo Boys”

The show had it’s first outing on the 20th of April in The Glen Theatre, Banteer, with which O’Callaghan has a long and happy association, having previously brought his own one man shows “In the National Interest” and “No More Brown Envelopes” as well at The Santa Ponsa Triology there.

Abba & 70s Tribute – Waterloo

Waterloo combines stunning vocals with a high quality of musicianship and harmonies.

This sensational show takes you back in time with all your favourites guaranteed. Between them, the artists, have performed in the No.1 Theatres around Ireland and the UK as well as performing on TV shows.

A high energy show is promised with replica costumes, dazzling dance moves & plenty of audience participation.

Waterloo has been voted the best, most authentic Abba tribute show