April Visual Art Exhibition

Jim Furlong and Barry Lemasney present ‘Dyad’

Barry Lemasney and Jim Furlong are graduates of The Limerick College of Art and Design. They both graduated with a BA honours degree in Fine Art as mature students. Both achieved a 1st class honour. While Barry and Jim have previously had solo exhibitions of their work, this exhibition will be their first joint venture together.

Barry Lemasney is an accomplished artist in both print and painting media but in this exhibition, he has focused primarily on embroidery. Taking his inspiration from the Victorian era, Barry has created a series of colourful embroidered portraits, featuring anonymous female subjects from this historical era.

Jim Furlong works out of James Street Studios located in the heart of Limerick City. Jim’s practice primarily focuses on the human face and figure, using oil, acrylic and charcoal. For this exhibition Jim has focused on the medium of charcoal on canvas. Jim’s work is inspired by the work of Samuel Beckett and explores the concept of social alienation as depicted in this writers work.

Exhibition viewing is free and all are welcome

Viewings Monday – Friday. For weekend viewings please contact 063-98727