About Friars Gate Theatre

Our Vision

To deepen our roots in the community as an innovative and forward-looking arts centre that champions access, artists, creativity and learning for all. Our vision is of an Ireland where the arts, creativity and learning, are valued and are actively, confidently and vibrantly part of people’s lives.

About Friars’ Gate Theatre

In Friars’ Gate, we have a vibrant theatre to be proud of. We aim to provide the people of Limerick and surrounding counties with access to the best in contemporary art practice, both professional and community, in performing and visual arts.

Friars’ Gate presents work by leading local, national and international performers and visual artists and widely enhances the community, social, cultural and business values of County Limerick.

Operating since 1997, Friars’ Gate is an intimate 130-seat venue in the heart of medieval Kilmallock. As one of the main focal points for theatre and arts in the region, we are committed to the promotion of the arts in their widest form. We offer a diverse range of activities with a vibrant performance, exhibition, community outreach and education programme. We run a successful, thriving theatre and arts centre which is an asset to all members of the community and a haven of cultural and artistic activity.

We are dedicated to promoting equality and inclusion in the community by giving all people a forum for expression. Over the past twenty plus years Friars’ Gate has presented a busy and diverse programme as well as an education and outreach programme bringing an eclectic artistic mix and teaching of the highest standards to a wide rural audience. The theatre is the only professional, full-time theatre and arts centre in the region and it is an essential resource for art practitioners and theatre and art lovers.

Mission Statement

Theatre in Kilmallock, County Limerick

Our purpose is to inspire curiosity, creativity and connection through the arts. We exist to enable the development of the arts as a professional practice and an activity of interest by creating enticing opportunities that transcend age, ability and access. By inspiring confidence and encouraging curiosity about the arts, we foster an actively engaged and informed community of audiences, participants and supporters. By expertly supporting all those working professionally in the arts, we champion innovation, experimentation and excellence in all that we do.

We enable and support creative expression by resourcing research & development, new technologies, and performance opportunities equally, whether artform-specific or through a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary lens. By being a strong voice for the arts we extend our local, national and international reach, through performance, engagement, strategic partnerships and creative collaborations as we embark on a refreshed artistic journey over the next five years. By brokering connections between people, practices and places we connect with the world.

On stage at Friars Gate