17th, 18th, 19th November
Ger Carey - A Comic Journey Inside The Teenage Mind

Ger Carey is back with his hilarious stand-up comedy show for transition year students. By secretly observing his subjects in their natural habitat, such as leaning on lampposts, in chippers, outside chippers, in shopping centres and sitting on any kind of steps, Ger has uncovered the weird and frightening world of the teenager! The aim of the show is to get teenagers to laugh at themselves and appreciate the differences of others.
Tickets €10 
Running Time - 100 mins

Sunday 21st November @ 8pm
Abba Forever 


It’s always party time when abba comes to town but when it’s the Christmas Show,  then that’s a real excuse to let your hair down! This happy sing-a-long event is pure escapism. It celebrates ABBA’S MUSIC  with a loud and proud production and terrific audio visuals of ABBA Seminal moments on the GIANT screen!

It’s the perfect way to start your Christmas celebrations! Bring your special Christmas Party along and you will have a ball!!


Abba Forever was formed and is lead by Dennis Scally, an extraordinary musician who has been at the top of the music game for many years.  For 13 years, while based in Los Angles, he was the musical director for The Supremes and toured the world with them. He moved back home 14 years ago and formed ABBA FOREVER.   A virtuoso keyboard player, he really shines at all the great ABBA keyboard parts.

Lead Guitar is Rae Daniel. Rae has played with various bands and shows down through the years including the London “Mamma Mia” Show.

A feature of the ABBA FOREVER show is Dennis and Rae swapping lightening fast, guitar and keyboard licks, live on stage.

On lead vocals are Lucinda O’Connell and Marie O’Hara. Both womenls came through their school and teenage lives starring in Musicals. Lucinda starred in “Jesus Christ Superstar” as Mary Madeline and Marie appeared in touring productions of “Grease” “Phantom of the Opera” and lots more.

You will not hear better ABBA Voice anywhere. 

From “Waterloo (Again)” to “Dancing Queen” Expect a dazzling, fantastic performance including the most iconic hits, Mamma Mia, S.O.S, Money, Money Money, The Winner Takes All, Gimme Gimme, Gimme and many MANY more!

Every favourite is here. Not to be missed.

The finest ABBA voices you will ever hear!

Get your glad rags on, brush up on the lyrics, don the dancing boots and come to the best party in town!

You’ll be rockin’ in the isles!!!....

tickets €25

Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th & Friday 17th December - 10am & 12 noon
Centrestage Theatre Company present Little Red Riding Hood's Christmas Adventure

Little Red Riding Hood is off through the forest with a basket of Christmas Goodies for her Granny - because every Christmas Eve, Santa stops off at Granny’s for a giant Jammy Donut and a Cup of Tea to perk him up for his long journeys. Her best friend - Hans the Woodsman - is very worried because something strange is happening in the forest - the trolls are leaving, a dreadful witch has arrived and he has heard a wolf! A very dangerous wolf - and wolves love Jammy Donuts - and... wolves eat Grannies!! With the classic appeal of this much loved children’s story, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’s Christmas Adventure’ comes with all our usual values of clean family entertainment, funny and immediate scripts, simple effects, original catchy songs and strong lively performances. 
Tickets €10

Coming Soon
Bewley's Cafe Theatre and The Wilde Garden Adventure present The Happy Prince and The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde


Performed by Michael James Ford
Music arranged and performed by Philip Dodd               Directed by Bairbre Ni Chaoimh            Designed by Jack Kirwan

Michael James Ford’s acclaimed performance of The Happy Prince has played several sell-out runs in Bewley’s Café Theatre and has travelled widely throughout Ireland. It has  also toured to France, Finland, Egypt and the USA.

This masterful piece of storytelling is accompanied by a haunting new score performed by violinist, Philip Dodd.

The Happy Prince is perhaps the best loved and most enduringly popular of all Oscar Wilde’s stories. It is the bittersweet tale of a gregarious swallow who befriends a melancholy statue while en route to Egypt. The bird helps the Prince to alleviate the suffering of his poor citizens and in doing so learns profound truths about the nature of love and suffering.

The show is paired with a new production of The Selfish Giant, Wilde’s delightful exploration of selfishness, love and redemption.  It co-stars the well-known actress Bairbre Ni Chaoimh along with three enchanting puppet children.

…bittersweet and delightfully witty…Michael James Ford has an enchanting style of storytelling that leaves the audience hanging on his every word. Sunday Tribune

...a virtuoso performance...hugely appealing... a tonic for our times..

Irish Independent, 2020

…Michael James Ford is mesmerising as he carries us through Wilde’s perfect mixture of magic, exoticism, mundane reality and insensitive, shortsighted pragmatism and vanity. Irish Examiner

Tickets €15                Running Time - 1 hour

Bewley's Cafe Theatre present The First Pegeen by George O'Brien

She was a stage-struck nineteen-year old, he was a director of the Abbey Theatre approaching middle age. She was a caution, he was just cautious. She was a city girl, he liked country roads best. Theirs was an unlikely love from the start. And yet this cockeyed Romeo and Juliet were so enraptured by each other that the affair, between JM Synge and Molly Allgood, remains one of Irish theatre's most endearing and enduring stories. She made her name as the first Pegeen Mike in The Playboy of the Western World. And her performance and his script made that play – as notorious as the two of them were, in its day – one of the Abbey's most lasting contributions to world theatre. But only Molly lived to tell the tale. For, prematurely, death did them part.

The First Pegeen is a portrait of Molly on the day of her beloved's funeral, as she walks distractedly around Dublin without direction and without relief, her mind a mix of memory and desire, the footsteps echoing the harsh clash of past against present, trying – and eventually succeeding – to find in herself how best life and love might be reclaimed even as she is riven by the pain of loss.

“A beautifully written piece: O'Brien's writing and Aisling O'Mara's interpretation give Molly layers of pain and sweetness under Michael James Ford's thoughtful direction” – Sunday Independent

Tickets €15

The Cure Whore written and performed by Eve O'Mahony
The Life and times of Peg Plunkett


"I shall leave nothing behind but traces of my own infamy"

Friar's Gate is pleased to welcome back Tipperary born writer/ actress Eve O'Mahony with her second one-woman show ‘The Cute Whore’. Based on ‘The Memoirs of Mrs.Leeson’, one of the earliest salacious "tell-all's", an old and repentant madam, seeking absolution, reflects on her life and loves and how it all came to pass. ‘The Cute Whore’ shines a light on Georgian Ireland, folklore and political politics of the era. It tells the story of yet another extraordinary Irish woman; Peg Plunkett- brothel-keeper, courtesan, mistress, writer, gossip-columnist and penitent.
Tickets €15

Coming Soon
Crave Productions and Bewley's Cafe Theatre present Twenty Minute to Nowhere by Chris Kelly

“For a moment, that bar seemed like the centre of the universe.   And I was a part of it.”

His family obligations have kept him on their farm in rural Kerry for his whole life. Now in his mid thirties, he begins to long for the companionship that so many take for granted. In Twenty Minutes From Nowhere, his sheltered formative years give way to the palpable excitement of his first explorations of love. This is a play about place, loss, loneliness, and courage to be vulnerable.

Performed by Eoin O'Sullivan

Running Time: 45 minutes

Writer/co-director: Christopher Kelly
Producer/co-director: Martha Fitzgerald

Further Information:
This piece was originally programmed to be performed in The Teachers’ Club in May 2020. Chris Kelly (Opera Collective Ireland, Little Shadow Theatre Company, North Dublin Opera) and Martha Fitzgerald (Fizz & Chips Theatre, BBC Script Room: Comedy Shortlisted Writer, Fishamble) have been collaborating since they met in the UCD/GSA Theatre Practice MA in 2018.

Eddie Lenihan – Storyteller - Tales of Magic, Myth and Mystery for Old and Young

Haunted places, fairy paths, holy wells: Eddie's researches into them all is ongoing. In fact, whatever involves walking the landscape, talking to old people, hopefully glimpsing the Otherworld, interests him. This is reflected in his books ´Meeting the Other Crowd´, an anthology of testimonies from believers in the fairy faith, and ´In the Tracks of the West Clare Railway´, which is a walk down the track-bed of the most famous of all of the Irish narrow-gauge lines, which closed in 1961.  Irish fairy stories, naturally, form a prominent part of his huge repertoire, but there are historical tales, too, stories of notable persons (women especially, including the banshee), devil stories, accounts of saints (St. Patrick prominent among them, naturally), of monsters, ogres, giants, ghosts and much, much more.

Ticket €7                Suitable for ages 9+

If you are an Artist and wish to hold an exhibition in the Gallery please send a proposal, C.V. and at least 6 examples of your work (slides or good quality photographs) to  Friars' Gate Theatre, Sarsfield St., Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

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