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Please join us to celebrate the opening of Mainly Not Looking - an exhibition of new work by Gillian Cussen on Friday 7th September @ 7.30pm.  The exhibition will be opened by Emma Klemenecic, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork.  All are welcome.


Artist Statement
The title of this exhibition is Mainly not looking and refers to the process of blind drawing which I frequently use to begin a drawing or painting and then again at various points throughout the production of the work. Blind drawing means actually not looking at what I am doing with my drawing/painting hand, while concentrating on looking at the object I wish to portray. In the upstairs gallery I have a number of drawings which show the blind drawing process in progress.
My work is concerned with mark making and line, and through these two art elements I aim to convey an aspect of the subject matter’s energy and vitality. I frequently erase marks I have made or cover them with other marks and rework the drawings.
My subject matter is usually some being or thing with which I am familiar and my work is an expression of my relationship with them. I work from my everyday surroundings, and plants, animals and domestic objects such as table linen, plates and clothes lines feature in the images produced. At times the domestic objects are used as surfaces on which I draw and paint.   I am bringing the natural world outside my studio inside by utilising such objects.
I think there is a growing disconnect between us and the natural world. Through my work I try to encourage viewers to look again at reviled creatures such as wasps and rats who have their own particular role to play. I work mainly outside in the garden of my studio in county Cork, weather permitting.

As well as using new paper and canvas I am interested in reusing surfaces such as found/used materials and natural things like rainwater, sticks and charred wood and have incorporated these in the production of my work.
A number of works were completed during a holiday in Portugal earlier this year.